The #1 Way To Answer The Objection: “Why Should We Go With You”? | 7 Figure Sales Training

The #1 Way To Answer The Objection: “Why Should We Go With You”?

The #1 Way To Answer The Objection: “Why Should We Go With You”?

All of you hear this as a Salesperson, when you prospect says, “Why should I go with you?” or “Why should we go with your company?”

What is the typical response to this by the AVERAGE salesperson?  How do you respond?  From the salespeople that have come to me for training it usually goes something like this…..

Let’s say you’re selling cars for this example:

PROSPECT:  “Why should we go with you?”

AVERAGE salesperson:  “Well why wouldn’t you go with us?  I mean we have been rated the number 1 dealer, we have the best price on this car, and we have the best customer service, we…” (Keep listing the benefits and features on your solution).

The problem with this approach of telling and trying to persuade your potential customer to go with you is what?

Well, once again it’s focused on YOU and YOUR agenda of making the sale, rather than focused on your prospect, their problems, and to see if you can help them.

It’s you trying to persuade them instead of asking skilled questions that allows them to persuade themselves. Now, which is more EFFECTIVE, you trying to persuade them OR them persuading themselves they should buy from you?

Behavioral science has proven that telling someone what they should do, being pushy with them and presenting is the least effective form of selling and persuasion.

So, the question is WHY do you keep doing it, thinking it’s going to actually work????

What usually happens 80-90% of the time?

They get defensive, throw out objections and go with someone else.

Instead of, trying to TELL them why they should go with you….

Why not find out more about why they asked you this question in the first place and what’s behind it?

Here is what the 7 Figure salesperson would ask:

Prospect:  “Why should we go with you?”

7 Figure Salesperson:  “Well Mr. Smith, I’m not quite convinced that you should yet.

(Pause for 3 seconds)

(The 7 Figure salespersons say this with confidence yet calmness, when your prospect sees that you’re detached from making the sale, they will feel like you’re really there to help them, not just try to sell them something.)

Instead of you looking like “just another salesperson” in their minds, trying to stuff your solution down their throat, they will now start looking at you as someone they can trust, who is there to help them, and the best part is, they will always tell you the truth.

Now, they start to view you as an INSIDER, a “Trusted Authority“, rather than an “Outsider”.

Do you know why?

IT’S because NOW they are starting to look as you as someone they can trust!

Then you will say:

“And it might be appropriate if we asked each other a few questions to find out a little more about you and what you’re looking for, to see if I can actually help you.”

(You will now start asking a few background questions to find out their present situation, to find out if they have problems and are prepared to change their situation.)

Here are some examples: 

  • What type of car do you drive now? (If you’re selling cars)
  • What type of investments are you currently in? (If you’re selling Financial services) or what do you do for investing?
  • What type of insurance do you have now? (If you sell insurance)

The 7 Figure approach is used with anything you sell.

It doesn’t matter if you sell pens, toilet boils, cars, real estate, investing, to selling Jumbo Jets; it’s ALL the same principles and same structure.

Once I broke the “Old Model” of selling (traditional selling techniques) my income went from about 300k a year to over 2.4 Million a year selling the exact same thing, which is almost a 1000 % increase.

If you are tired of LOSING so many sales and want to discover how to sell in the “New Economy” we live in today, you can enroll in my FREE 21-Day 7 Figure Sales Challenge HERE.

This is where you’re going to learn the skill sets on how to get into the Top 1% of all salespeople in your industry in what many experts are calling the “New World of Selling”.

Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

P.S. Here’s the link to enroll in the 21-Day 7 Figure Sales Challenge.  Feel free to leave a comment or thoughts you have on this, share it with someone you know it could help and I will see you on the inside.

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  • Solid stuff.
    Getting on their side of the negotiation table to become a trusted advisor in their buying process is always effective.

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