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No Trust No Sale

No Trust No Sale
This Principle is extremely Important to go from AVERAGE TO 7 Figure Status in selling. Its all about neutralizing the hidden sales pressure that resides underneath your sales conversations you have with your potential customers.

To become a 7 figure earner in sales, your new goal in selling is not to focus on making the sale, its to focus on whether their is a sale to be made in the first place.
When you detach yourself from the expectations of making the sale, you automatically take the pressure out of your sales conversations to allow your potential customer to feel comfortable telling you the truth and moving forward with your solution.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by this: The languaging you use in your sales conversations if its not trust based languaging can immediately trigger sales pressure and lead to rejection very quickly. 7 Figure Selling languaging if you deliver it properly never triggers rejection because its pressure free and your potential client will feel that from you.

Imagine how selling would be for you if your potential clients didn’t feel sales pressure from you?

Let’s say you have a first call with a potential client and at the end of that call what have you been trained to say to that potential client?  Most likely you would be trained to say something like this “When can we get together for another call to have the next conversation or do you want to talk again Thursday afternoon or
Friday morning”?

The problem here is your assuming they want to have a next conversation right?

When you assume you become just another SALESPERSON trying to sell them something in their minds.

You sound like every other salesperson that calls them every day, their is nothing different about you in their mind.

Traditional selling has conditioned us to focus on what? To focus on moving things forward to make the sale NOW.

Because if we are not doing that, then we are not ‘selling’ right?
But what happens when you try and persuade them to move things forward on the first call but they are not ready for that yet?

What gets broken at this point? TRUST, its over at the first Conversation..Its over at HELLO.

The ‘New Model’ of selling in the Post Trust Era is to avoid triggering pressure on your potential customer to move them  forward in the sales process, as they will most likely resist you when you do this.  They can feel your intention is to only move them down your sales process so that you can make the sale.  They feel like you are only focused on making the sale instead of focusing on them and what they are looking for.

What usually happens next?  They throw out standard objections, like we can’t afford it, your price is to high, we need to look around more, let me talk it over with my spouse, we don’t need it, can you call me back in a month.  You then go into ‘objection handling mode’ and start trying to convince them they should buy from you, and then you start chasing them.  It’s an ugly pattern, and a lot of hard work and stress.  Why go through all that, if you didn’t have too?

Remember with TRUST being at its lowest point in the history of the world right now, if you break trust in the sale, its OVER, you lose the sale.

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