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Are you ASKING these 3 Powerful Questions to your Prospects?!?!?

Are you ASKING these 3 Powerful Questions to your Prospects?!?!?

Let’s discuss what I call Consequence Questions and how to use those during your sales conversations.

You have now come to the road where you must get your potential customer to think about the consequences of NOT doing anything about changing his or her situation.

These questions allow your prospect to think through the consequences of them not changing their present situation, such as what will they do if nothing changes?

What will they do if they don’t do anything about solving their problems they just told you they had.

It’s the question simply stated “What if…?”

Such as:

“What if you don’t do anything about this problem and your situation gets even worse?”

“What if this product/service your thinking of didn’t get you the results you thought it would?”

All you’re really doing here is taking a problem they told you they had, and wanted to solve and asking them a question around that problem that allows them to think about the possible consequences of them not doing anything to solve it.

You can use Consequence questions in two different formats.

The first way is to ask a question to get them to think about problems they might not even know they have.  Sometimes your experience in your industry from other customers you have helped, allows you to see problems they might not see.

Let’s say for example one of your existing clients is thinking about leaving your company and going with another company who offers similar services that yours does.

You could ask them something like this:

“Have you considered what could happen if switching to a different company didn’t get you the personal results you said your wanting?”

and then ask this:

“If there was a way we could get you those same results that you’re now wanting without you having to do all the work of changing companies would you be OPEN to looking at that as a possibility?”

Now sit back and let them reflect and respond on their decision. You’re opening the conversation that will allow you to show them how you could possibly help them get what they told you they wanted.

The second way to use these powerful questions is right after you ask them a few what I call “Solution Awareness Questions”.

You want them to picture in their mind what will happen if they don’t take action and do anything about it.

Consequence Questions will help create urgency in them for doing something about it NOW, rather than later.

You can ask for example:

(These are my Top 3 Consequence questions I used to be ranked in the Top 1% of the Top 1% of all salespeople in the world selling anything).

“Have you considered the possibly ramifications about not doing anything about your situation?”

“Have you thought about what would happen if you don’t do anything about this?”

and lastly, my favorite, most powerful Consequence Question to ever ask your prospect:

“What are you going to do if nothing changes, if you keep doing the same thing for the next 5-10 years?”


“What are you going to do if nothing changes, if you keep using the same product/service your using now the next 5-10 years?

Here are more phrases you can use for your Consequence Questions depending on what you sell.

These phrases can help develop your prospects potential problems into them wanting to solve those and solve those with you.

“What would it do to you if you were not able to get what you’re looking for?”

“What if it didn’t work out for you?”

“What would happen if you didn’t do anything about this?”

“Does that cause you to be concerned?”

“Have you considered the consequences of not doing anything?”

“What if you lost…?”

“What would it do to you personally if you didn’t solve this problem?”

“How would your life be different than it is now?”

“What would happen if you didn’t get what you are looking for?”

“How would it make you feel if you were not able to solve this?”

You see, once I broke the “Old Model” of selling (traditional selling techniques) my income went from about $300k a year to over $2.4 Million a year in my sales career, selling the exact same thing, which is almost a 1,000% increase.

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This is where you’re going to learn the skill sets on how to get into the Top 1% of all salespeople in your industry in what many experts are calling the “New World of Selling”.

Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

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