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4 Powerful Questions To Ask BEFORE Starting Your Presentation!

4 Powerful Questions To Ask BEFORE Starting Your Presentation!

How do you think your potential customers feel when you’re about to launch into your Sales Pitch and do a Presentation?

  • Do you think they will be tense or excited about all the wonderful features and benefits you’re going to tell them all about?  What usually happens?
  • Do you find that many potential clients move away from you when you present?

Most of your potential customers will move away from you as presenting will always trigger sales pressure.  WHY?

Most of your prospects when you are presenting to them, fear that you are going to try and persuade them to buy something from you.  With this going on in their mind the whole time you are presenting, do you think they are really listening to you? It’s very unlikely.

One of the biggest reasons why you might be getting AVERAGE results in selling is because you present or propose your solutions before ever even discovering the deeper needs of your potential customer.

When you do this your potential customers will always look at you as just “another salesperson” trying to stuff your solution down their throat. They view you like every other salesperson trying to sell them something. They don’t trust you, so they don’t buy from you.

Remember, when you present, without having any knowledge of that prospect, their company, it’s only your interpretation of what you think the other person needs to know.

It’s like taking a bucket of mud and throwing it up against the wall hoping some of the mud will stick, you’re hoping something you say in your presentation will cause them to be interested in buying.

So, what if, instead of hoping some of the mud would stick, you actually knew which mud would stick?  You actually knew what they were looking for exactly and the deeper reasons why.

How many times have you done a presentation based on nothing but your assumptions and it ends up with your potential customer saying, “’That’s not for us”, or, “ let me think it over more”, or worse, “call me back in a few months”?

How does that make you feel when that happens? 

Today’s customer doesn’t want to be talked to and sold, they want to be asked, heard and most importantly understood.

Whether it’s spoken out loud or not, the question that most of your potential customers have when they are expecting a presentation is, what have you got?


What do you want to tell me about your product/service? Or what are you trying to sell me?

The AVERAGE salesperson’s first inclination is to do what?  It’s to tell them everything THEY have.  Don’t do it, unless you want to stay AVERAGE.

Whether you’re asked or not, start off by asking:

I want to welcome all of you to the meeting today (if it’s in front of more than a few people, conference room etc.) and before I go into who we are, and what we do and all that kind of Boring stuff, it might be appropriate if we asked you a few questions to find out a little bit more about you, and what your possibly looking for, if anything, to see if we could actually help you.

(You would then ask them a few background questions to find out what their present situation is)


For example, what do you use for….. (plug in what you sell)?


For example, who do you use for your insurance policy now?  (if you sell insurance)


For example, what type of investing do you do now?  (if you sell financial services)


For example, who do you use for your staffing services now? (if you are a recruiter for a staffing company)


For example, what type of advertising do you do now?  (if you sell digital marketing or lead generation services)

Here are a few more starter phrases for a Meeting:

Before I get into what we do, it might be helpful to both of us, if I could understand a little more about you and what you’re looking for if anything.  For example, who do you use for…..?


Before I get into what we do, it might be appropriate to ask you a few questions about your company and what you’re looking for, to see if we could actually help you in the first place.  For example can you tell me more about the company you’re using now to…….


Before I get into what we do, perhaps you would give me your thoughts on what we spoke about previously? (if this is a second meeting or more)

These 4 powerful opening questions are what a 7 Figure salesperson Asks.

When you learn how to let go of your need of making the sale and instead focus on whether there is a sale to be made in the first place, your prospects will actually open up to you, and trust you and look at you as a someone that is completely different than any salesperson they have ever dealt with.

They will start to view you as an “INSIDER” that they trust, a “Trusted Authority” rather than an “OUTSIDER”, who they view as just another salesperson trying to sell them something.

Once I broke the “Old Model” of selling, my income went from about 300k a year to over 2.4 Million a year selling the exact same thing, which is almost a 1000 % increase.

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Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

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